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As an Independent Insurance Broker licensed in the great State of Texas since 1986 & in the health insurance business for 41 years, I work for my clients not the insurance companies.

I’ll work to find you the proper coverage that meets your needs.

Rene Casanova
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Casanova Ins, is a full-time insurance agency specializing in Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C), Prescription Drug Plans (Part D), Dental and Vision.

 We look forward to helping you with your insurance needs.

Our Services

Casanova Ins offers valuable services including:

  • Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage Plans 
  • Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)
  • Dental, Vision & Hearing
  • Life Insurance

For additional information about our services, please take advantage of the navigation provided on this website. You can contact us to inquire about our insurance plans.

Call (832) 689-8782 to learn more.

Testimonials - What clients say

Excellent quality services by René's expertise!

5.0 / 5.0 as Reviewed by his Clients

Rene' Casanova expertly transitioned me from group health policies to Medicare and supplements (A through G). The policies, carriers and service provided by Mr. Casanova totally protected me and my family when I had a bone marrow transplant.

Without his expertise in coverage and policy recommendation I would not be alive today.

James M. Riley, Jr., Houston, Tx
Dealing with Medicare and other health care coverage issues for my elderly parents has been confusing and frustrating.

Mr. Casanova has been a great person to have on our team to cut the “red tape” and get the results we needed. We are grateful!

Jordi Baizan, Houston, Tx
I’ve been in the insurance business my entire adult life, but knew nothing about Medicare. I reached out to Rene Casanova and he guided me through the entire process. He was happy to show me all the different options, made sure my prescription drugs were covered and guided me to a network for my area.

I was overwhelmed with the material I was getting in the mail, but he simplified the process and put me at ease. He is a great asset for myself and anyone else to use.

Mary L., Burton, Tx
Before retiring both my husband and I had to consider supplement insurance to go along with our Medicare. We were used to paying 20% coinsurance with my employers insurance, and we never really experienced high medical bills. We spoke with Rene and he walked us through several options and gave us the best advice as to what coverage to get. Best decision we made because guess what both my husband and I had some medical issues that even paying 20% after Medicare paid wsa still a substantial amount.

It really feels good walking into the doctor's office and hospital and not worrying about paying anything. Like any insurance whether it's a homeowners or car that you may not need it's always good to be covered and protected because you just never know. We have recommended Rene to several friends who have taken his advice. We're ever thankful to our friend.

Lupe & Frank Collazo, San Antonio, Tx
Rene is an outstanding insurance agent who is always there for his clients. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and understanding. If all insurance agents were like Rene, there would be no need for testimonials because they'd all be great to work with.

Bruce G., Houston, Tx
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