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Life Insurance

At Casanova Ins we offer the following life insurance services:

Individual Life Insurance:

Protecting your and your family’s financial future.

We know talking about life insurance isn’t the most pleasant thing to discuss, but it is the most important component of any financial plan for us all.  Just as a refresher let’s examine why life insurance is so important, and how a solid financial plan cay help you.

  • Protect your business and family
  • Increase your wealth
  • Minimize an estate tax liability
  • Help reach long-term financial goals
  • Through permanent insurance it provides the ability to accumulate additional money on a tax-deferred basis through cash values.

Term Life Insurance:

  • Term insurance policies pay an amount of money to your beneficiaries when you die.
  • It provides affordable protection for a specified period of time either 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.  The term depends upon the age in which you purchase the policy.
  • At the end of the term all bets are off.  You can re-apply for another policy, but at a much higher cost and underwriting will once again be required.
  • Convertibility to a permanent policy is available anytime during the term of the policy with some insurance companies.

Permanent Life Insurance:

  • Builds cash value and can provide flexible protection.
  • Premiums for permanent life insurance typically remain level from year to year.

Cash will accumulate tax-deferred inside the policy over time, can be accessed by surrender or loan and used for just about any purpose, such as to supplement retirement income, pay for a child’s college, and/or distribute wealth to heirs

Final Expense Insurance:

  • Guaranteed Issue Whole Life is a simple and affordable life insurance policy designed to cover expenses like medical bills, credit card debt or funeral costs, and can help protect loved ones from future financial burdens.
  • With guaranteed issued Whole Life insurance, if you’re age 50-85 , you can’t be turned down for health reasons, and you can receive permanent life insurance without having to qualify for coverage based on your health.
  • Face amounts are limited to no more than $25,000, however, one can buy two or more policies to get to the amount that is desired.

Which is better for you?

  • Think of Term insurance as “Renting” and Permanent insurance as “Buying”
  • Since every individual is different each person’s individual circumstances will dictate which type of policy is best to fit your and your family’s needs.
  • Some people may only have a short term need so Term meets that need.  Others make the mistake of “renting” a term policy because the cost is less while they actually have a long term need.  Don’t kid yourself, if you have young children you probably have a long term need.
  • Permanent insurance has the flexibility to provide you the protection you need and the ability to build cash values.  You can access cash values through surrenders and loans.
  • Remember, although term insurance is the least expensive type of life insurance keep in mind at the end of the term you’ll be out all the premiums paid with no cash accumulation.

We can help determine how much insurance you need and find the best price from the various life companies we represent.

We offer many life insurance company’s plans such as Protective Life, National General, Prudential, MetLife, Genworth Life,  American General and others.  If you have a specific need we’ll find the right company for you.