Our Medicare Insurance services include:

  • Consultations with individuals who are approaching their Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) i.e. Turning 65
  • Medicare presentations and consultations for Employer Groups who have a need for educating their workforce who are reaching their IEP and/or who are already past their IEP and are contemplating retirement.
  • Lunch and learn presentations for employer groups who want to educate their employee population nearing or working past the age of 65 an opportunity to learn about Medicare and their options, and such as Medicare Supplement Plans otherwise known as MediGap policies, and Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) and Prescription Drug plan options (Part D).
  • Employers are not allowed to entice employees working past the age of 65 to discontinue their group plan and/or offer a financial incentive to do so.
  • Medicare Costs for 2020 are located on the link above the Medicare & You 2020 link.
  • All of these options are at no cost or obligation to the employer or the individuals we meet with.

Rate Comparison between TRS Care, and Medicare Advantage Plans we represent:

  • TRS Care Humana Medicare Advantage Plan has a $500 Deductible before you can access the copays:
  • Retiree Only $135 per month
  • Retiree & Spouse $529 per month or $394 for Spouse Only
  • Retiree & Child(ren) $468 per month or $333 for Child(ren)
  • Retiree & Family $1,020 per month or $885 for Dependents

Medicare Advantage Plans We Represent All Offer $0 Premium HMO Plans with NO DEDUCTIBLES:

  • AARP United Healthcare HMO-POS
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO & PPO
  • Aetna HMO & PPO
  • Wellcare/Texan Plus HMO & HMO POS
  • Memorial Hermann HMO & PPO
  • KelseyCare Advantage HMO & HMO-POS
  • For those plans that offer PPO plans there is a small premium associated with each plan.

Group Medicare Offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield List Bill & AARP United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plans:

AARP United Healthcare Eligible Retirees/Spouses: 

  • Must be retired for AARP Medicare Group Plans
  • Must be AARP members at the time of enrollment.  In some cases, assistance may be available to cover the cost of AARP membership
  • Must be 65 or older and have active Medicare Parts A & B coverage at the time of the effective date of the Medicare Supplement Plan.
  • Must be replacing employer group coverage.
  • Note: Active Employees are NOT eligible.

Establishing a New List Bill for Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plans:

  • A minimum of two or more members must participate
  • A complete and signed List Bill Agreement and List Bill Enrollment Form must be submitted with the Medicare Supplement applications.
  • List Bill Paper Enrollment Form must be submitted when adding a Medicare Supplement applicants to an existing list bill group.

Medicare Supplement Plans also referred to as Medigap Plans offered by private insurance companies:

Carriers represented:

  • AARP/United Healthcare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United World Life Insurance Company (A Mutual of Omaha Company)
  • For people who want to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan they MUST have Original Medicare Parts A and B in place before you can apply for a policy.
  • All Medicare Supplement plans offered by the carriers are required by federal law to be identical to one another.  The only difference between them is their rate levels.  There are up to eight different plans with Plan F being the most purchased plan because it pays what original Medicare doesn’t pay at 100%, but is no longer available for individuals turning 65 after 1-1-2020.  For those who already have Plan F they can keep it forever.  Plan G has is the next best plan available now.
  • Plans are designed to supplement and work only with Original Medicare.
  • There is a monthly premium associated with a Medicare Supplement plan.  Rates are based upon attained age.
  • People turning 65 coverage is on a guaranteed issue basis meaning you cannot be denied coverage for any reason including any pre-existing conditions.
  • For people retiring and coming off an employer plan you must apply for Part A & B and have them in place before you can apply for a Medicare Supplement policy.  You can go to casanovains.com and apply by clicking on the link “Apply for Medicare”.
Medicare Advantage Plans or Part C of Original Medicare:
Carriers Represented:

Who May Enroll:

  • People turning 65 and over must be already enrolled in Original Medicare Parts A & B.
  • Must reside in the Service Area
  • And must NOT have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) i.e. kidney failure
  • $0 Cost Premium Plans available
  • Plans include services covered by original Parts A & B, and may or may not include Part D, prescription drug coverage.

These health plans (HMO, PPO and POS) are approved by Medicare and run by private insurers.  They provide insurance for hospital and medical services.  Out of pocket costs and cost sharing differ from Original Medicare and may depend on whether the beneficiary received services in or out of the network.

Dental Insurance for 50+ Individuals & Spouses from Golden Rule Ins Company a United Healthcare Company:

  • Primary insureds must be age 50 or older, while spouses of any age are eligible. Even those covered by Medicare can apply.
  • Three dental plans to choose from. Preventative and Basic care have NO waiting periods and depending on the plan design, you can receive 3 cleanings and exams per year.
  • Plus, you can add vision benefits
  • For a quote for a dental plan click UHOne on this page
  • Click on For 50+ Years Old to download a compete dental brochure outlining all plans offered.

Original Medicare Parts A, B, C & D:

  • Part A = Hospital Inpatient, Skilled Nursing Facility, Home Health Care and Hospice Care
  • Part B = Medical services including doctor visits, outpatient services, Lab & X-Ray, diagnostic testing, Durable Medical Equipment, etc.
  • Part C = Medicare Advantage Plans i.e. Private Insurers
  • Part D = Prescription Drug Coverage i.e. Private Insurers

Appointments available upon request:

  • We are available for employer based meetings to discuss options for employees who may be contemplating retirement at no charge or obligation
  • As well as for individuals who want to meet to go over Medicare, and what options are available to them we can meet at your convenience any day of the week at no obligation.

For a complete explanation of Medicare please visit medicare.gov for a complete guide offered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services entitled Medicare & You.

• Apply for Medicare Parts A and B

• Part B Only Application Form

• Request for Employment Information Form

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